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        Starting out as a Brooklyn Knight on August 26, 1990, A Cash On Deck was born into hip-hop. At the tender age of 10 years old, his mother bought him a guitar in which he practiced with everyday and eventually started playing for his local church. It was at this time that he discovered his love for music.

       Continuing through his adolescent years, A Cash’s love for music evolved greatly. He put down the guitar for a while and started rapping. His creativity is known to be more pure and unique which separates him from a lot of artist. Cash’s catchy ad libs like “Sheesh” and “Change Gears” helped him establish his brand. Some of his inspirations are his uncle Otis, his parents and Birdman’s label, Cash Money Records who have signed acts as Lil Wayne, Drake, Juvenile and Nicki Minaj. In 2015, He released his first of a trilogy series album “Live Life 1.0” followed by “Live Life 1.5 in 2016 and Live Life 2.0 in 2017. The single, “1,000 Plays A Day was a major hit in the Carolina market. In 2017, he released his follow up single “Used To” featuring some of the area’s top artist in the area, SMACK URL’s T-top, Maybach Music Group’s Rain910 and LFDY Shyst Vader. The single did 20k views in a week online and has gained up to 70k views to date and is still growing. This was a big breaking point for A Cash.

       Currently he is working on a project with a lot of local support from fans and fellow independent artist. Cash states he’s going back to the basics of writing to offer an in-dept, versatile project. He stands by his personal quotes “Oh you was gone count me out, I guess you really can’t count” and “Never lost the sauce, it’s in the freezer”. In 5 years, he sees himself as a wiser and stronger recording artist and producer. With the support of So Southern Ent and his WCMG family, this multi-talented artist is on his way to stardom.

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