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Futuristic Feddy was born in Raleigh, North Carolina on February 19, 1987. Feddy grew up on Poole Road an infamous avenue on the south side of Raleigh. The early eighties late nineties drug epidemic was a common part of his neighborhood which is still present in his music today. Born to a single mother with an endless work ethic he learned the value of hard work; often being left with ample time to explore his less than savory surroundings. Feddy's early passion for reading made him very articulate and well versed which he displayed through poetry; with a consciousness and pulsating reality for such a young poet.
As Feddy grew older his subsequent passion for music obviously became a platform for his poetry. Spending endless hours listening to his favorite musicians; he critiqued and studied listening for what made each artist individual; incorporating each into his own melodic flow. Eventually Feddy and his high school friend Sosa began to record an extensive catalogue. Early recordings were a testament to the discovery of a new voice, not yet polished, but full of integrity and potential. After spending several year of building his catalogue and building lasting relationship with the music community in North Carolina, Feddy Co-founded WCMG publishing and Recordings in 2013.
WCMG Publishing and Recordings has become a house hold name in and around the southern region; with a burgeoning fan base. Feddy along with WCMG has released numerous projects Including the mixtape series "Trapped In the Studio" hosted by Dj Stacks Mixtape; preparing to release its fourth installment. Currently Futuristic Feddy has a concept album with label mate and fellow star on the rise AcashonDeck called "80$Baby90$Child" released 5/20/14. Futuristic Feddy's newest Ep "Slow Leak" was released on 7/1/2018. With a full schedule of projects on the way and a viable street buzz it is destined to be a hot summer for Feddy and the newly renamed Mighty Mighty Ent.

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